Chroma 63000 250 / 350 W


Charge Chroma 63000

The 63000 series programmable DC electronic loads are reliable, precision instruments primarily designed to test switching power supplies, A/D power supplies, power electronic components, adapters, 3C batteries and chargers. Its maximum 350W rated power makes it suitable for testing numerous types of lower power devices.

Key Features

  • Rated power: 250W, 350W
  • Voltage range: 150V, 600V
  • Current range: 60A max.
  • CC, CR, CV & CP operation modes
  • User-defined waveforms (UDW)
  • CZ mode for turn on capacitive load simulation
  • Real time power supply load transient response simulation
  • User programmable 100 sequences viafront panel
  • High precision voltage & current measurement
  • Voltage, current & Pmax measurement for OCP/OLP test
  • Timing & discharging measurement for batteries
  • Short circuit simulation
  • Smart fan control
  • Full protection: OC (adjustable), OT, OP (adjustable) protection & OV warning, polarity reverse alarm
  • Standard USB, optional Ethernet and GPIB interfacestion & OV warning, polarity reverse alarm
  • Standard USB, optional Ethernet and GPIB interfacest

Static Load

The 63000 Series electronic loads operate in constant voltage, current, resistance, power or impedance modes to satisfy a wide range of test requirements.


Dynamic Load

  • Programmable parameters: Current high/low level, T1/T2, rise/fall rate and execution times.
  • Execution time setting range is 1 ~ 65,535.
  • 150V model’s current rise minimum response time is 20μs.
  • Suitable for testing D/D converters.
  • One shot impulse current is loaded when it is set to execute once, which is very suitable for testing instant large withstand current of batteries


CZ Mode

To avoid charging the motherboard capacitors when the switching power supply powers on with surge current triggering the power supply over current protection mechanism making the power supply fail to turn on successfully, the power supply requires conducting a turn on capacitive load test. The 63000 series provides CZ mode for turn on capacitive load simulation to tackle this testing demand. CZ mode simulates the actual inductance, impedance and capacitance for loading making the load current closer to real conditions.


Three Ranges and High Precision Measurement

  • High, medium and low three operating and measurement ranges.
  • Voltage, current and power measurement specifications:
    – 0.02%+0.02%F.S. accuracy for voltage
    – 0.02%+0.02%F.S. accuracy for voltage
    – 0.05%+0.05%F.S. accuracy for current
    – 0.1%+0.1%F.S. accuracy for power


User-Defined Waveform (UDW)

The conventional way of loading a current waveform is through DAQ cards or function generators. The 63000 Series provides an enhanced feature, User Defined Waveform (UDW), to simulate the actual current profiles and waveforms. Each load is capable of storing up to 10 sets of waveforms with each containing up to 1.5 million data points in the built-in flash memory. It also provides voltage peak measurement during actual loading conditions avoiding the need for an oscilloscope which saves time and cost.


Battery Discharge Testing

  • Three discharge modes: CC, CR and CP.
  • Set cut off voltage and time (1~100,000 sec.) to stop loading and ensuring the battery is not damaged due to over discharge
  • Measures the battery discharge power (WH, AH) and total discharge time
  • Applies to super capacitor for discharge time testing and other related applications

Program Sequence

The 63000 series have a program sequence function for various load condition simulations. The minimum dwell time is 100μs. The following lists the applications for common programmed sequences:

  1. Battery discharge (NPC, electric car, and electric locomotive, etc.) simulating various dynamic load current waveforms.
  2. Switching power supply mixed load modulation.


User-defined Hot Key Design

  • 5 sets of user-defined hot keys.
  • Enter the operation mode quickly


Over Current & Over Power Testing

  • Set current orders to test overcurrent protections
  • Set power orders to test overpower protections
  • Automatic judge the test result as Pass or Fail
  • Capture the maximum power (Pmax) during testing
  • Verify the correctness of designed overcurrent and overpower without using an oscilloscope
  • Saves a lot of testing time


Graphical Operation Software

User friendly software controls all functions of the 63000 loads and is easy to understand and operate. The 63000 series can be controlled via standard USB or optional GPIB/Ethernet interface for remote control and automated testing applications.


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