ARB Connexion


Waveform Creation Software

Without an easy way to create arbitrary waveforms, an Arbitrary Waveform Generator is destined to remain idle or at the most, partially used as a function generator. An external software utility such as ArbConnection can unleash the unlimited capabilities and waveform generation built into the product. ArbConnection is a powerful Windows-based waveform generation software that not only allows on-screen creation and editing of waveforms but also provides the means to access all instrument functions and features and exploit the product’s full potential.

Highlights :

  • The only comprehensive software tool in the market that controls instrument operation and programming and waveform creation
  • Virtual front panels control all instruments’ functions and modes
  • Wave composer generates, edits and downloads complex waveforms
  • FM & 3D composer generates and downloads complex modulating signals
  • Pulse composer converts a standard arbitrary waveform generator to highly sophisticated Pulse / Pattern Generator
  • Equation editor generates waveforms from equations
  • Skins Technology for user preference of interface appearance
  • Waveform Gallery includes waveforms from various fields
  • SCPI command and response editor simulates ATE operation
  • Automatic conversion of waveform coordinates from ASCII and other formats
  • Simplifies generation of complex sequences

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