QUALITYSOURCE, Specialist Testing & Measurement

Through a unique positioning, which combines the provision of goods and services, asserts QUALITYSOURCE since 20 YEARS as a reference in the fields of energy conversion, particularly around the power electronics instrumentation.

Chroma Test et Mesure

Group subsidiary SPHEREA Test & Services,

Qualitysource specializes in the fields of test and measurement, in order to offer its business and technical skills in the general instrumentation and especially in power electronics.

We provide various ranges of products for testing, particularly in the areas of following activities:

  • Aerospace & Avionics

  • Automotive & Electric Vehicle

  • Research

  • Defense & Military

  • Industry & Telecoms

quote.pngA range of complementary energy products, data acquisition, RF & Hyper, functional testing, and more.quote.png

Careful selection of products worldwide, laboratory tested before marketing by Qualitysource.

The assurance of a range of high performance and quality products designed by ISO 9001 certified factories.

The competitiveness of products obtained by the volumes produced, marketed worldwide.

delivery times very short thanks to the manufacturing process and our efficient logistics.

The products conform to international standards, including the European directives (CE marking).

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Our values

We invest daily in the realization of complex projects requiring the establishment of competent teams, formed the products we distribute, great expertise that lead and realize many projects in respect of the following:

  • The concern to create and innovate with our partners and our customers to meet the technological challenges.
  • Listening and respect for human values, to create a team spirit essential to progress together towards new horizons.
  • The professionalism and sense of purpose are essential qualities in order to meet the demand of our customers and give them satisfaction.