Astronics 1256 - Système commutation 8 slots


Astronics 1256

Système de commutation IEEE avec Clavier, 8 cartes 1260-1XX par chassis

The Racal Instruments™ 1256 switching system is a high performance switching and control system in a compact 2U rack mountable package. The unit draws upon our decades of experience as a major automated test equipment (ATE) switching supplier to set a new standard in switching systems. With the addition of an Ethernet 10/100 interface, the 1256 easily connects to computers at remote locations.

Wide Range of Plug-Ins
The Racal Instruments™ 1256 controls up to eight Adapt-a-Switch™ plug-ins for switching and digital I/O. These plug-ins provide a wide range of switching capability: high current to 13A, high voltage to 1kV, RF/microwave to 18GHz, and even digital I/O with 96 channels per plug-in. The user can easily configure these plug-ins into a high-performance, low-cost solution to satisfy any switch application. A single 1256 can accommodate any one of the following configurations, and countless others:

  • 1152-point matrix
  • 512-channel scanner/multiplexer
  • 640 SPST switches
  • 768 channels of TTL, CMOS, or open-collector digital I/O


High-Speed Switching
The 1256 switching system reduces test times with its high throughput and timesaving advanced features. It scans more than 100 channels per second, and opens or closes more than 200 channels in less than 0.1 second.

Non-Volatile Memory
The non-volatile memory stores up to 100 complete switch states and includes a separate automatic power-up state. In addition, the 1256 can store all user designated preferences such as RS-232 baud rates, GPIB address, and display settings and have these automatically restored at power-up.

In addition, users employing the remote interfaces can store and recall both module and path names.

Advanced Triggering
The 1256 synchronizes with other equipment using the external trigger in/out signals. Coupled with the advanced scan list features, the triggering facilitates rapid, automated measurements with minimal intervention from the user or system controller.

Intuitive Front Panel Control
The highly intuitive menu-driven interface consists of a display, four soft-keys, and a knob. This powerful interface provides easy access to all relay and digital I/O states, system preferences, and non-volatile memory features of the 1256 switching system.

GPIB and RS-232 Remote Interfaces
The GPIB and RS-232 remote interfaces provide any terminal or computer with access to all standard features. The remote interfaces are IEEE 488.2 and SCPI compliant. In addition, the remote interfaces can access advanced features:

  • Path Level Switching - Assign names to relay paths for ease of reference
  • Include Lists - Automatically close multiple relays with a single command
  • Exclude Lists - Build large scanners using mutually-exclusive relay groups
  • Scan List - Define sequentially-closed relay groups
  • Trigger Delays - Time relay closures to coincide with external events
  • Switch Mode - Select make-before-break, break-before-make, or immediate relay closures
  • Confidence Mode - Automatically verify relay response
Product Features: 
  • Ethernet/GPIB/RS-232 Remote Interface and Front Panel Controls
  • Wide Range of Switching and Digital I/O Plug-ins
  • SCPI Command Set
  • LabView and LabWindows/CVI Drivers
  • High Throughput and Advanced Features for Reduced Test Time

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