Regatron TC GSX 20 / 32kW


Alimentations Regatron TC GSX 20 ou 32 kW

NEW! modular grid-tie source / sink system 20 kW

  • Voltage range nominal from 65 to 600 VDC, in combinatio up to 1.500 VDC
  • Main connection: 3x 400 VAC
  • Operation in CV, CC, CP
  • Full digital controllers and peripheric operations
  • Parallel-, serial, mixed-mode
  • System configuration allowed
  • RS-232 and analog interface standard


  • Test Stands
  • Test systems for electric drives
  • Testing of energy-buffer systems
  • Concerted load of generator systems (eg bicycle and E-bike batteries)
  • Concerted discharge of batteries for disposal with energy recovery


  • Versatile TopCon Function Generating Engine TFE allows for a nearly unlimited programming of set values
  • Graphical system analysis using the SCOPE functionality: 4 chanel scope with acces to all system variables in high resolution
  • Interfaces: IEEE488.2, Ethernet, CANopen, ProfiBus, RS-422
  • Liquid cooling
Puissance20 ou 32 kW

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