Chroma 17011 - Testeur Charge / Décharge


Systeme Chroma 17011 - Testeur Charge / Décharge

Chroma’s 17011 series is a precision charge/discharge test instrument specifically designed for Lithium-ion secondary battery. High accuracy output and measurement channels ensure long term repetitive test results. It is capable of supporting various charge/discharge test modes such as CV (Constant Voltage), CC (Constant Current) and CP (Constant Power). These optimized features are typically required to perform cell reliability verification (such as battery cycle life test), the study of material properties, product research and development, production incoming / outgoing inspection or balancing, quality control, and safety evaluation.

The modularized multi-channel architecture offers both flexibility and expandability, catering to cycle test requirements. The Chroma 17011 series is composed of a mainframe with 5 two-channel plug-in modules (pictured below) that may operate independently or paralleled offering the most flexibility between high current and high channel count testing making it a versatile solution for laboratory testing. This modularitiy yields several advantages including a small footprint, improved and incremental power densities, and ease of hardware maintenance or expansion.

Each module has an embedded CPU that allows isolated instruction execution per channel. Once a test profile is created and transferred from the programming console, each channel can discretely operate and back up the test results locally or upload via Ethernet to an external computer. Therefore, an overloaded network or a power outage will not compromise data transfer.

When used with the Chroma Battery Pro software, flexible functions and programming allows the rapid creation of test recipes for individual or a group of channels and as a single independent channel or as a high current paralleled channel set. The application field covers varied Lithiumion battery or battery module characteristic tests which were formulated to meet the versatile test requirements for laboratory and manufacturing environments.

For safety, several protection features such as, cell polarity check, over voltage, over current, over capacity and loop (contacts and current path) resistance monitoring are provided to safeguard each cell and its surroundings.

To ensure the continuity of extended duration analysis such as life cycle testing, the 17011 can be paired with redundant DC Power Supplies (Chroma 62000B).This innovative design assures the stability and continuity of each test. The 62000B was crafted for work stations that are sensitive to power failures, such as system servers, burn-in, life-test or longevity testing that cannot be interrupted. In the unlikely event of a power supply failure, the parallel N+1 redundancy architecture assures continuous operation. A power module is easily hot-swappable eliminating down time.


  • High-accuracy current output & measurement up to 0.02%
  • Linear circuit design, low ripple current
  • Long term stability suitable for life cycle testing
  • Independent channels
  • Parallel channels for higher current applications
  • CC/CV/CP charge, discharge models
  • High sampling rate:
    – Battery mode – 100ms
    – EDLC mode – 10ms
  • Discharge down to 0V
  • Real time data acquisition and log (Q, Vt, It, time ) and steptermination status (Q, V_end, I_end, time)
  • Real-time outer loop resistance monitoring
  • Compatible with reliable, redundant, hot swappable DC Source assuring continuous operation during life cycle tests.
  • Modular design for easy installation and maintenance


  • Battery cell capacity test
  • DC internal resistance (DCIR) test


  • Charge / Discharge life cycle test
  • IQC (Incoming Quality Control)
  • OQC (Outgoing Quality Control)
  • Battery characteristic analysis
  • Material performance evaluation
  • Production test
  • Battery cell voltage level processing

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