Turn the LMG600 into Your Tool of Choice

Published : 2019-01-10 10:49:40
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Quick & Easy CAN Integration

•   Bi-directional communication: read and write data
•   Export of up to 128 variables (voltage, current, power, harmonics ...)
•   Up to 128 trigger conditions on received variables
•   Convenient configuration export to DBC files

Ideal for:
•   Quick integration of power analysis into automotive environments
•   Time-saving consolidation of data from different sources
•   Eliminating risk of mismatch
•   Avoiding costly middleware solutions
•   Freeing up time for real testing

Turn the LMG600 into Your Tool of Choice

•   Custom menu even more versatile with GUI input and threshold watcher
•   Create meaningful and familiar GUI for your specific task
•   Don’t lose time with generic “spreadsheet” views and menu mazes

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