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RF Suite by ARCALE


Arcale RF Suite

Modular Software (SDR) Very easy to use
The performances adapt according to the connected instrumentation


The ARCALE RF software suite is composed of a coherent set of software allowing the acquisition, recording, reading, generation and analysis of RF signals.

The wide variety of National Instruments hardware supported allows the RF suite to adapt to your hardware and your needs.

The ease of use of the software represents your best ally for carrying out your mission or your tests without having to worry about the settings necessary for the proper functioning of an efficient recording and replay system.


Spectrum monitoring: recording and replaying an interest band or event.
Information of electromagnetic origin: recording and analysis.
R&D laboratory: recording and replaying of a controlled scenario in order to test your systems under development.
RADAR: very wide band recording.
IOT: script recording and replay.

Supported hardware

We support the entire RF range of National Instruments and some of the Signal Hound products.

ARCALE RF Suite is the foundation of the system. It includes the management of the license in relation to the connected dongle, the launch of the various modules and the TCP control of the modules. The installer includes all the drivers necessary for the proper functioning of the system.

Control function by TCP interface of the modules. The server runs on the launcher and opens an instance of the module according to the connection port.


Acquisition and recording module. It allows the acquisition based on all the supported materials and the recording of samples in Raw, Wav and TDMS formats. It includes automatic gain control, hard drive monitoring, and record size management. It incorporates a spectrum analyzer and a time-frequency sequence in order to observe the activity on the tape to be recorded.


Reading and generation module. It allows the replay of the files recorded by the Recorder (other files if the format is compatible) and the generation based on all the supported hardware. It incorporates a spectrum analyzer as well as a time-frequency sequence in order to visualize the activity on the file being read.


Signal analysis module. It allows acquisition based on the supported materials or the reading of files in compatible format as a source of samples. The samples are then passed through a conditioning module and sent to different analysis modules (Spectrum, RTSA, time, demodulation).

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