Tabor 5351 - AWG 250 MS/s PCI


PCIBus Arbitrary Waveform Generator - Tabor 5351

250MS/s PCIBus Single-Channel AWG

Model 5351, is a single-channel frequency agile waveform synthesizer that combines industry leading performance, frequency agility and modulation capability in a stand-alone, modular product. Having 1.5Hz to 250MHz clock and 16-bit vertical DAC resolution provides the test stimuli required for the decades to come. It can be used as an arbitrary waveform generator, modulating generator, as well as function and pulse generator.

  •     Single-channel 250 MS/s PCI-Based waveform generator
  •     Sine waves to 100MHz and Square to 62.5MHz
  •     16 Bit amplitude resolution
  •     2M waveform memory
  •     10Vp-p into 50Ω standard, double into high impedance
  •     Multiple run modes: trigger, timer and trigger delay
  •     AM, FM, FSK, PSK, ASK, Freq. & Amp. Hop, sweep
  •     Powerful sequence generator links and loops segments in user-defined fashion. Stores up to 10 different sequence tables
  •     Occupies a single slot only
  •     Ultra fast waveform downloads using DMA
  •     Multi-Instrument synchronization
  •     ArbConnection software for easy waveform creation


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