Tabor SE 5081/2 - 5GS/s Single/Dual Channel


Generateur Arbitraire - TABOR SE 5081/2
5GS/s Single/Dual Channel

The new Signal Expert Series sets new standards for high speed arbitrary waveform generators. With an analog bandwidth of nearly 7 GHz, the new Signal Expert Series can reach frequencies much higher than its sampling rate. Combining this vast analog bandwidth with multi Nyquist zone operation the Signal Expert Series is capable of solving applications well beyond baseband and into the microwave frequencies. This new technology combined with advanced arbitrary and sequencing capabilities, excellent spectral purity, configurable output modules, and advanced triggering make the new Signal Expert Series the highest performing and most cost effective AWG of its class and even beyond.

• Single or Dual channel 5Gs/s, 12 bit waveform generators
• Extra wide analog bandwidth up to 7GHz
• Extremely fast rise and fall time of under 150ps
• Multi-Nyquist zone operation, up to the 4th Nyquist zone
• Inter-channel control from -3ns to +3ns with 10ps resolution
• Independent or synchronized channels configurations
• 16M waveform memory and up to 64M memory optional
• AM, FM, FSK, PSK, ASK, Amp. Hop, Freq. Hop, Sweep & Chirp
• Powerful pulse composer for analog, digital and mixed signals
• Advanced sequencer for step, loop, nest and jumps scenarios
• Various output amplifier modules utilized to solve numerous applications in different domains
• Smart trigger allows: trigger hold-off, detect <=> pulse width, as well as wait-for-waveform-end or abort waveform and restart
• Built-in fast dynamic segments and sequences hop control
• Two differential markers per channel with programmable positions, width and levels
• User friendly GUI & Remote control through LAN, USB & GPIB
• Store/recall capability on memory stick or 4GB internal memory
• Multi instrument synchronization

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